Sunday, 26. May 2024

Session 10 - Integrated Solutions II

34 Practical Estimation of Probability of Detection in Modern Industrial Nondestructive Testing Systems
D. Forsyth, TRI, Austin, USA
without Manuscript
35 Reliability Studies, a Tool in the Development of Techniques for NDT of the Canister for the Swedish Spent Nuclear Fuel
U. Ronneteg, SKB, Oskarshamn, Sweden
M. Bertovic, BAM, Berlin, Germany
Abstract + Powerpoint
36 The Time Evolution of Actual Condition and Apparent Condition for an Inspected System
D. Horn, AECL, Chalk River, Canada
37 Reliable Evaluation of the Acceptability of the Weld for Final Disposal Based on the Canister Copper Weld Inspection Using Different NDT Methods
J. Pitkänen, Posiva, Eurajoki, Finland
M. Bertovic, D. Brackrock, G. Brekow, U. Ewert, D. Kanzler, C. Müller, BAM, Berlin, Germany
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