Sunday, 16. June 2024

Session 6 - Applications in Industry I

21 How Are We Still Flying? Contributions of NDE Reliability Within Overall Risk Management for Airframes
L. Schaefer, Greene, Tweed, Tempe, USA
without Manuscript
22 Novel Approach for Improving Reliability of Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing and Monitoring of Pressure Swing Adsorber Vessels Integrity against Fatigue Cracking
M. Lozev, R. Brodzinski, BP America, Naperville, USA
M. den Ouden, Applus RTD, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
K.-H. Dust, BP Europe, Lingen, Germany
R. Spencer, E. Todorov, EWI, Columbus, USA
L. Le Ber, M2M, Les Ulis, France
M. Czubanowski, TÜV NORD SysTec, Hamburg, Germany
without Manuscript
23 Numerical Evaluation of ROC of Potential Mapping
S. Keßler, C. Gehlen, TU München (cbm), Germany
Abstract + Powerpoint
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