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POD Tutorial

POD data collection & analysis – Tools for beginners

Tutor: Lloyd Schaefer, Greene, Tweed, Tempe, USA
October 7, 2013, 09:00 - 12:00 h

Course provides the NDE specialist with instruction for the collection & analysis of capability data. Students will work with pre-packaged sets of POD data to gain confidence in various data analysis programs and computing platforms, with step by step guidance. Students also encouraged to bring their own data to work on.

  • Before the start: Working with databases of POD capability
  • Controlling the POD process in the lab and field
  • Collecting calibration and detection data
  • Preparing to analyse: quality checking the data
  • Practice: Working with Binomial data
  • Practice: Working with signal response data
  • Choosing a POD output model
  • Practice: Inputting the data to various POD programs
  • Substantiating and presenting the results
  • Look ahead to use of 1823 software and experimental constraints