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POD Evaluation of Automated Ultrasonic Detection of Hard Alpha Inclusions in Titanium Alloys
D.S. Lozhkova, S.I. Trifonova, FSUE "VIAM", Moscow, Russia
The problem of POD of NDT is very important for Russian aerospace industry nowadays. Using FAAACС 3... more
MPT Inspection of Helicopters’ Driving Roller Chains Parts
V.S. Bondareva, T.D. Pavlova, A.V. Stepanov, FSUE "VIAM", Moscow, Russia
The work on control of parts of the drive roller chains for helicopters was carried out At the All-... more
Types of Production and Operational Defects of the Multilayer Glued Constructions and Polymer Composite Materials Products and Methods to Detect Them
V.V. Murashov, FSUE "VIAM", Moscow, Russia
The defects caused by a low degree of curing of polymer matrix and deviations of material compositi... more
Inspection Options for Detecting Various Types of Impact Damage in Composite Structures
D. Roach, R. Duvall, S. Neidigk, T. Rice, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, USA
Aircraft structures made from polymer-matrix composites are vulnerable to damaged created by impact... more
Estimation of Probability of Detection Curves Based on Theoretical Simulation of the Inspection Process
L. Zhao, C. Carpentier, R.M. Sanderson, C. Schneider, TWI, Cambridge, UK
Estimation of probability of detection (POD) curves by NDT typically relies on the manufacture of l... more
Improving the Reliability of Automated Non-Destructive Inspection
N. Brierley, The Manufacturing Technology Centre, Coventry, UK
P. Cawley, T. Tippetts, Imperial College London, UK
Automated data acquisition is increasingly common in industrial NDE, driving a recent multiple incr... more
Systematic Evaluation of CT Scanners
S. Amrhein, M. Kaloudis, M. Rauer, Hochschule Aschaffenburg, Germany
Since the beginning of the usage of X-ray computer tomography (CT) in industry particularly for rel... more
3D Ultrasonic NDE of the Spot Welds in Automotive Industry
E. Jasiuniene, L. Mazeika, V. Samaitis, Kaunas University of Technology, Kaunas, Lithuania
R.M. Sanderson, TWI, Cambridge, UK
Spot welds are widely used in the automotive industry to join sheets of metal. Dimensions of the sp... more
Reliability Considerations for Emerging Digital Radiography Standards & Practices
L. Schaefer, Blue Origin, Kent, USA
As the conversion in Industrial Radiographic imaging from film to digital continues, new constraint... more
Decomposition of Residual Joint Line Conditions in Solid State Welding for PAUT Reliability Measurement
L. Schaefer, Blue Origin, Kent, USA
Solid state welding has given the Aerospace industry many advantages over fusion welding since its ... more
Review of ASTM E2862, Practice for Probability of Detection Analysis for Hit/Miss Data for Proto EC Exams of Weldments
L. Schaefer, Blue Origin, Kent, USA
Recently "practical" standards and practices have been released which attempt to distill the parent... more
Implementing NDE Technology and Effective Integration to a US Highway Agency Bridge Management Program
H. Aktan, Western Michigan Univ., Kalamazoo, USA
H. Wiggenhauser, BAM, Berlin, Germany
U. Attanayake, Western Michigan Univ., Kalamazoo, USA
The state trunkline system managed by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) comprised of... more
Pipeline Girth Welds Inspection Using Automated Ultrasonic Testing (AUT) with Zonal Discrimination – Simulation of POD Curves Using CIVA Software
B. Chapuis, CEA LIST, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
F. Jenson, SAFRAN, Magny Les Hameaux Cedex, France
L. Pomié, Technip France, Paris La Défense, France
G. Di Crisci, J. Hamilton, Technip UK, Westhill, UK
The inspection of pipeline girth welds can be performed by automated ultrasonic testing systems com... more
Qualification Status of NDT Technologies for Main Primary Component PSI in the Olkiluoto 3 New EPR Power Plant
J. Laube, G. Guse, Framatome, Erlangen, Germany
Before application of remote controlled ultrasonic (UT) and eddy current (ET) inspections a rigorou... more
Precise Inspection Results are Leading to Longer Inspection Intervals Due to the Use of Phased Array and Analysis Techniques (e.g. SAFT) Using the Example of Hollow-Bored Axles and Shafts
N. Schmarje, Framatome, Erlangen, Germany
F. Wolfsgruber, Actemium Cegelec Mitte, Nürnberg, Germany
G. Engl, Erlangen, Germany
D. Bröckl, E. Zaus, Framatome, Erlangen, Germany
The demand for higher detection sensitivity and greater analysis precision has grown in the last ye... more
Probability of Detection of Ultrasonic In-Service Inspection of Hollow Axles
M. Carboni, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
C. Gilardoni, Gilardoni, Mandello del Lario, Italy
S. Cantini, Lucchini RS, Lovere, Italy
S. Beretta, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Hollow axles, widely employed in High Speed and Very High Speed railways applications, are typicall... more
Evaluation of the Reliability of Ultrasonic Testing Russian Railway Transport
V. Konshina, University of a Railway Transportation, St. Petersburg, Russia
A. Shevelev, Inst. for bridges & NDT, St. Petersburg, Russia
G. Dymkin, University of a Railway Transportation, St. Petersburg, Russia
Algorithms to estimate ultrasonic testing method based on the integrated use of indicators of relia... more
Observer POD for Radiographic Testing
D. Kanzler, Applied Validation of NDT, Berlin, Germany
C. Müller, BAM, Berlin, Germany
M. Bertovic, Berlin, Germany
J. Pitkänen, Posiva, Eurajoki, Finland
The radiographic testing is an important non-destructive testing method, especially in industrial a... more
Economic Assessment and Modelling of Inspection Using the Inspection Value Method (IVM) – How POD Adds Value and Reduces Risk
M. Wall, ESR Technology, Abingdon, UK
Inspection plays a vital role in manufacturing quality control and plant maintenance but managers a... more
Damage Localization via Transmissibility Power Mode Shape
Y.L. Zhou, R. Perera, Technical University of Madrid, Spain
Damage localization plays an increasingly important role in structural health monitoring of numerou... more
What are the Influencing Factors on Inspection Performance of UT Testing on the Wheel Set Hollow Axle in the Context of Education and Brush Up Examination?
T. Heckel, BAM, Berlin, Germany
D. Kanzler, Applied Validation of NDT, Berlin, Germany
T. Dobberphul, C. Müller, M. Rosenthal, BAM, Berlin, Germany
M. Bertovic, Berlin, Germany
R. Holstein, DGZfP Ausbildung und Training, Berlin, Germany
F. Sondermann, DGZfP Ausbildung und Training, Wittenberge, Germany
About 500 examination results of manual UT testing on hollow axles of wheel sets with artificial an... more
Investigation of Multiple Parameter Influences on the POD of Mechanized UT-Testing
T. Dobberphul, R. Boehm, T. Heckel, C. Müller, M. Rosenthal, BAM, Berlin, Germany
J. Pitkänen, Posiva, Eurajoki, Finland
U. Ronneteg, SKB, Oskarshamn, Sweden
For long-term storage of spent nuclear fuel in Sweden and Finland SKB and Posiva has developed a ca... more
Improvements in Post-Processing of Signals Acquired from a Lambwaves Based SHM System for Detecting Corrosion in Aluminum Plates
B.J. Guilheme de Aragão, T.F. de Abreu Santos, V.A. de Assis, P.H. de Oliveira Lopes, A. Fernandes Mazoni, R.F. Larico Chavez, E. Sanches Silva, CPqD, Campinas, Brazil
This work presents a technique to detect corrosion comprised of PZT sensors attached on aluminum pl... more
Towards the Integration of a Knowledge-Based Approach in SHM
I. Buethe, F. Ansari, M. Fathi, C.-P. Fritzen, Y. Niu, Universität Siegen, Germany
Structural Health Monitoring (SHM), as a method to monitor structures continuously, is gaining incr... more