Sunday, 26. May 2024

Session 8 - Reliability of SHM

27 Time Dependent Probability of Detection for Ultrasonic Structural Health Monitoring
J. Fisher, SwRI, San Antonio, USA
without Manuscript
28 Characterizing the Performance of Lamb Wave Based SHM Systems – A Two-Step Approach Based on Simulation-Supported POD and Reliability Aspects
F. Schubert, B. Frankenstein, M. Röllig, L. Schubert, G. Lautenschläger, Fraunhofer IKTS, Dresden, Germany
Abstract + Powerpoint
29 Influences on Reliability and Performance of AU Based SHM Systems, Requirements and Approach for Detection Performance Assessment
C. Stolz, A. Haberl, C. Meisner, EADS Cassidian, Manching, Germany
30 Manual UT vs Permanently Installed Sensors
F. Cegla, Imperial College, London, UK
without Manuscript
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